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Posted by Brad Riley

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Do you struggle with joint pain, poor sleep, weight gain, low energy, memory fog or digestive problems? These are among some of the most obvious signs that you’re acidic!

Scientists discovered that it is not germs that make you sick, it is the body’s environment! If your body is too acidic, it provides the perfect environment for disease and sickness to grow.

If your body is alkaline, you can fight off just about any germ that tries to attack! It turns out that your pH balance is an amazing key to optimal health.

When your body is in a slightly alkaline state you can prevent and may even conquer health problems like low energy, poor circulation, sore muscles, constipation, joint stiffness, premature aging, bad immunity and many more!

Coral Calcium is a specially formulated health supplement made just for you! Learn more and order yours today!

What Is A pH?

Everyone has a pH level in their body. The letters “pH” stand for “Potential of Hydrogen”, measured on a scale of 0-14 (Acidic to Alkaline) to tell how acidic your body is.

A low pH reading of less than 7 means you are acidic, and a pH reading around 7-8 means your body is a healthy alkaline level, that’s the goal for healthy living!

The Dangers Of Acidity

Acid build-up wreaks havoc in your entire body! No matter what your sickness is called, it is most likely caused by too much acid!

Your health is in serious danger and your BONES are the #1 target. When the body has too much acid to restore the pH balance, it turns to its natural alkaline storehouses to try to neutralize the acids – your bones, kidneys, lungs and your skin.

What if those storehouses are empty or overworked? The body begins to take the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium that were meant for your bones, resulting in BONE-ON-BONE scraping, serious inflammation, bone loss, joint pains and worse!

Healthy pH = Healthy Life!

The odds are against us, there’s no doubt about it. Fortunately, there is a key to healthy living and it’s simply to keep your body alkaline!

We narrowed down the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential for getting your body to a healthy pH balance!

You can give your body the perfect alkalizing formula you need to maintain healthy pH balance and feel your best again by supplementing with Coral Calcium.

Help Your Body Heal Naturally

Designed and formulated by scientist and chemist Robert Barefoot, Coral Calcium is a high quality, natural source of essential minerals and vitamins that accounts for the robust health and long lives of the inhabitants of the Okinawan islands. 

With its perfect ratio of calcium to magnesium, loaded with trace minerals and marine microbes, this amazing marine coral calcium is the CHAMPION of health supplements, specifically designed to alkalize the body!

Your body is trying to tell you it’s out of pH balance – are you listening? Find out why Coral Calcium is the perfect supplement – loved by people worldwide!